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I am a transfer student…


1.  APPLY TO UNC: The first thing to concentrate on is applying to UNC-Chapel Hill.  In order to apply follow the instructions at this website: . Call the admissions office (919-966-3621) with any questions. To better understand the caliber of people that are accepted to UNC, please view the class profile:

2. INTERESTED IN ROTC SCHOLARSHIPS? If so, contact Mr. Anthony Ward, the UNC Army ROTC recruiting officer at or by calling 919-962-7347. For more information about 2 or 3 year scholarships with Army ROTC visit .

3.  VISIT:  While you are waiting for acceptance notification we recommend that you visit the UNC campus and take a tour.  To schedule a tour call the admissions office (919-966-3621).  While you are visiting you should also schedule a meeting with the Army ROTC recruiting officer (919-962-7347) to review your progress.  Before you visit UNC you should take a look at the UNC visitor’s center website at

4.  GET ACCEPTED:  As soon as you are accepted you need to notify the UNC Army ROTC department.